Student Leadership Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to offer additional progression routes for young aspirational musicians by providing leadership opportunities, supporting a positive perception of careers in music and offering appropriate experience.

What the scheme provides

  • A training and coaching programme to develop skills in performance and communication.
  • Opportunities to work alongside professional musicians
  • Work experience (some paid) to develop an understanding of the requirements of many music industry careers and in particular a portfolio career
  • Performance and leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to represent the voice of young people and to inform future decision-making about Bedford Music Hub provision

Students will be selected for the scheme in Year 11 through an invitation via the Head of Music in their school. If your child has received an invitation letter and you are happy for them to be part of the scheme, please complete and submit the form below.

Student Leadership Scheme

Application form

    Student Info

    Please ensure that full, legal names are provided.

    Gender Required

    Use of photos:Required
    I give permission for my child’s photo/video/audio recording to be used in promotional work and advertising of Bedford Music Hub - e.g. websites, newspapers etc. (for children 16 and under; no names would be used)

    Parent/Carer Details

    Emergency Contact Details

    (Please provide details of an emergency contact. Please note that this is a second contact)

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