Bedford Rox Vox

Bedford Rox Vox

Rox Vox is a vocal group and training school for keen Pop and Rock singers who want to get some experience singing with a band, in a group or as a soloist. It’s not a traditional choir although there will be group singing as well as guidance from our team about how to become a professional singer such as microphone technique training, how to approach singing different styles and performance advice.

It will run alongside Bedford Rockschool giving students the opportunity to perform in our regular calendar of gigs at local venues. If you can see yourself singing with a band or in a group and would like to explore the opportunities we are offering please sign up below.

We meet at Castle Newnham School from 6:30-7:30pm on a Thursday evening and have places for up to 20 students aged 10-18.

The cost for each child is £7.50 per month (£3 per session) to be paid by direct debit. We offer a 50% remission for children who are registered as being in receipt of Pupil Premium and 100% remission for Looked after Children.

Bedford Rox Vox

Application form

    Please ensure that full, legal names are provided.

    Gender Required

    Select the appropriate box if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) or is a Looked after Child (LAC).Please note we will need to confirm this with Bedford Borough Council.

    Use of photos:Required
    I give permission for my child’s photo/video/audio recording to be used in promotional work and advertising of Bedford Music Hub - e.g. websites, newspapers etc. (for children 16 and under; no names would be used)

    Parent/Carer Details

    Emergency Contact Details

    (Please provide details of an emergency contact. Please note that this is a second contact)

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation should be sent in writing to our office. This can either be by email [email protected] or post Music for Bedford Borough, c/o Castle Newnham School, Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9DT.

    One further payment will be taken once written notice is received.

    I agree with the above Cancellation Policy Required

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