Evaluation Criteria for Secondary Schools – 7. Attending Live Performances

Do all children have an opportunity to enjoy live performances at least once a year?

Most year groups have the opportunity to see a live, or if necessary virtual, performance within a year.
Instrumental teachers are utilised to give solo demos and as such pupils hear live music in an assembly.
Pupils in most year groups have an opportunity to watch a live performance each year.
The school engage with offers from local organisations that offer live ensemble performances.  
All year groups get the opportunity to watch a live performance.
The school ensures pupils experience a range of live performances throughout their time at school: solo, ensemble and large scale across a variety of genres (e.g. string quartet, rock band, orchestra, DJ, Big Band etc.)
Every year group watches a live performance at least once a year. Genres are mapped into this so children experience a variety of music.
The school engage with all things focusing, developing and secure, as well as engaging their own performances with quality musicians and performers. Pupils engage with professional musicians and see the value in music as a potential career as well as visit some of the countries amazing venues.


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