Evaluation Criteria for Primary Schools – 8. Progression Routes

How do you ensure that all children access appropriate progression routes?

There are no whole class instrumental lessons in school.
There are no external local or national musical opportunities shared by school to pupils/parents.
No data or details are kept to track or monitor progress of musicians in school.
There is access to whole class instrumental learning as part of classroom teaching.
Some musical opportunities are shared on the school website and via a blanket email or text.
Data is kept regarding pupil progress in curriculum music.
There are whole class instrumental lessons and pupils are given an opportunity to continue with information about instrumental lessons or Saturday Morning Music Centre.
Some musical opportunities are shared and also targeted for particular pupils based on their abilities or interests.
Some details and data is kept to monitor progress of aspiring instrumentalists, singers, DJs, rappers and producers.
There are whole class instrumental lessons, pupils are encouraged and supported to continue with pathways projects/instrumental lessons or Saturday Morning Music Centre.
Musical opportunities are shared via school (including on the website), school actively seeks opportunities for pupils and targeted individuals who have particular strengths or interests.
Details and data is kept to monitor progress of all aspiring instrumentalists, singers, DJs, rappers, composers and producers.


Whole-class instrumental projects in Key Stage 2 are an excellent way to offer all children the experience of learning an instrument and recommended in the National Plan for Music Education. For more details, please see our school brochure.

Pathways Projects offer a number of progression routes from whole-class learning. More information on the range of projects on offer is in our school brochure.

The diverse and broad range of regular musical groups and activities are clearly signposted on our website. Please do ensure your families are aware of this subsidised offer.