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Support for Teachers

Training and networking opportunities to support high-quality music provision.

Reference codeDescriptionUnit cost
ST1Termly Primary Music Network Meetings

Usually held in the week before each half term, these meetings will include local and national updates, resources, and practical activities. Each meeting will have an agreed focus and provide opportunities to network with other colleagues.
ST2Staff Training

An opportunity for a group of staff to work with a member of our team to explore a particular aspect of curriculum or provision. For example, progression within a key stage, opportunities for music across the curriculum, inclusion, developing singing etc.
£39.47 per hour
ST3Music Leader Support. One to one CPD

An opportunity for targeted support that can include a review of current provision, advice on professional development and strategies to enhance and enrich existing practice. It can also offer advice on supporting music delivery by non-specialist teachers, preparation for Ofsted Deep Dive and making the most of the resources in the Model Music Curriculum.
First visit free; £39.47 per hour for subsequent visits
ST4Self-Delivery Training and Support:

Option 1: One term of support with resources and free instrument hire: The goal of this project is to equip a class teacher in your school with the skills and confidence to teach their class and share new skills and knowledge with their colleagues. Seven contact hours with a MfBB specialist will be used for training and team teaching throughout the duration of a school term. This project adapts well to instruments with simpler beginner technique such as steel pans, ukulele or keyboard. Free instrument hire with delivery is included at no extra charge.

Option 2: One training session with resource pack: We have a series of multimedia lessons in beginner Steel Pans (Y3/4) or Ukulele Rock (Y4/5/6) that a class teacher can use for CPD and/or with their class. One training session with a MfBB specialist is included. If your school does not have its own set of instruments, please see our information about instrument hire.

Option 3: Bespoke training and support: We are happy to work with you in designing a program that adapts to your organisation and your staff, from EYFS upwards. Perhaps your school has a set of mixed percussion, BoomWhackers, recorders or iPads that could be making music! Perhaps you have a musical member of staff who would like some support in leading a choir or ensemble. Please contact us to discuss.
all £39.47 per hour

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:
£39.47 per hou
ST5Annual Charanga Licence

A modern and exciting digital resource to help teach primary music (suitable for Lower, Primary and SEND Schools). This includes a free Charanga training session each term.
ST6Annual Charanga Licence (Secondary)
An integrated online music studio and interactive teaching resource to support students’ creative work. This also includes online workspaces to extend teaching and learning beyond the classroom.