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Supporting the next stages of musical journeys.

Instruments for all Pathways projects are provided free of charge.

We offer a range of beginner groups and ensembles (up to 15 pupils) that support young people on the next stage of their musical journeys towards individual or small group lessons. These projects are ideal for after-school provision and we would encourage schools to start to introduce some parental contribution as this is a good transition to full payment for individual or small group lessons. For example, the majority of the cost of a pathways project could be covered by asking parents to contribute £20 per term. This would then help to pave the way to full parental funding of small group lessons.

Bedford Music Hub funds a 50% remission of all Bedford Music Cooperative lesson costs for families in receipt of free school meals. Please do make parents aware of this in any communication around the continuation of musical learning.

Reference codeDescriptionGroup sizeLength of projectSession lengthUnit cost per group
P1Violin pathwaysUp to 15 pupils11 weeks (one term)60 Minutes including setup

Shorter sessions may be available at a reduced rate if a teacher is already on site
Term: £423.50
P2Cello pathways
P3Recorder pathways
P4Brass pathways
P5Guitar pathways
P6Pop/Rock pathways
P7Ukulele pathways
P8Keyboard pathways
P9Singing pathways
P10Woodwind pathways
P11Dhol drumming pathways
P11aSteel Pans pathways
P12Nurture pathways – A project designed to make music accessible to children with SEND or other barriers to learning. This will encourage social interaction, co-operation, language development, and communication skills such as sharing and taking turns through musical activities.Up to 8 students with similar difficulties11 weeks (one term)60 Minutes including setupTerm: £423.50
P13DJ Nurture Pathways – a project designed to make music accessible to children with SEND or other barriers, within the context of DJing. This project has a strong focus on the individual needs and interests of each student: developing self-esteem and nurturing a love of music.Up to 6 students11 weeks60 minutes including set upTerm: £423.50
P14DJ Pathways – this offers students an opportunity to learn how to DJ using DJ controllers, computers and professional DJ software (all provided as part of the project). It is ideal for after-school clubs and performance opportunities are a regular and integral part of the provision.Up to 25 students11 weeks60 minutesTerm: £1058.75
(Two teachers and equipment set-up)