Future Music Makers

Future Music Makers was a project commissioned by Bedford Arts and Cultural Education (BACE) with funding from Royal Opera House Bridge and produced by Glow Training in partnership with Bedford Music Hub. The aims of the project included investigation into diversifying the breadth of music practitioners delivering activities within Bedford schools, to better reflect the representation of the young people they were working with, and the types of contemporary musical styles relevant to young people living in Bedford today. The project involved a 2 week beatbox and rap residency at Castle Newnham, CPD and development for local Bedford musicians/creatives, and CPD for music leads and teachers in schools. You can read the full report here.

Part of the legacy of the project has been the following set of resources to support the introduction of beatboxing into the music curriculum. These video resources offer step-by-step guidance on vocal warm-ups, how to master beatboxing basics – leading to students creating their own compositions – and how to use a loop station.

Future Music Makers 1 – Introduction & Warm Ups

Future Music Makers 2 – Warm Up: Diddly Diddly Dum

Future Music Makers 3 – Beatbox Basics: Boom Tee Cla

Future Music Makers 4 – Beatbox Orchestra

Future Music Makers 5 – Beatbox Basics: The Foundation Beat

Future Music Makers 6 – Beatbox Composition: Creating A Piece Of Music

Future Music Makers 7 – Beatbox Composition: Using A Loop Station