Black Ridge at Esquires

What we offer beyond the classroom

For those children who need more music in their lives, we are committed to offering high-quality, inclusive and varied musical experiences with progression routes beyond the classroom. It is not possible for any one school to meet the diverse needs and interests of all children in their care. Therefore, in consultation with schools, we continue to develop a programme of twilight, weekend and holiday provision that covers musical styles (including specialist instruments and technology) that schools are not always able to offer.

Our offer currently includes:

  • Weekly Activities – A wide and diverse range of classes and lessons are offered at our Saturday Morning Music Centre as well as String, Wind, Orchestral groups and a Youth Choir on Friday Nights. In addition we have a thriving Rock School, DJing and a choir for younger children. We continue to reach out into the community and work with our hub partners. Regular needs analysis helps to shape and inform our provision.
  • Holiday Activities – As well as the Youth Orchestra and Youth Opera holiday courses run by Bedfordshire Music Trust we deliver HAF funded courses in the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays – provided free to families eligible for income-related free school meals. These cover a wide range of contemporary styles including DJing and Music Production.
  • Events – When planning our calendar of large-scale events we aim to offer experiences with a wide range of professional artists and groups such as Cool4School for our Sing On concerts. Authentic experiences are provided through access to community venues that represent our local area such as Bedford Breakthrough at Esquires.