Brass Funkeys

How we work with schools

In order to meet the diverse needs and interests of all children, we prioritise listening and consulting with our schools. Our wide range of projects, activities and events are reviewed annually to ensure there is something on offer to all our varied and distinct schools that will be relevant and engaging to their students. This is supported through our commitment to developing and training music educators on inclusive practice.

Our offer currently includes:

  • Whole class projects – A range of inclusive singing, instrumental and creative projects covering diverse musical styles and traditions and using a range of instruments – including specialist instruments and technology. These projects offer experiences of singing and playing an instrument to thousands of children each year who would not otherwise have access to such opportunities. Consultation meetings with teachers at the start of each project ensure that the learning needs of each child are considered and that all are included.
  • Continuation projects – Our Pathways projects offer beginner groups and ensembles that support young people on the next stage of their musical journeys towards individual or small group lessons. These include newly created Nurture Pathways designed to make music accessible to children with SEND or other barriers.
  • Support for teachers – When planning and reviewing our CPD offer, we ensure that equity, diversity and inclusion are central themes, that we raise awareness of key EDI principles and that we equip schools with a range of strategies to develop the inclusivity of their offer.
  • Instrumental lessons – We are committed to broadening the type and style of musical instrument lessons offered in schools in order to engage and encourage more students to take part.
  • Live music experiences – We aim to deliver at least one live music concert to all of our primary schools annually with our Gigs4Kids programme. These cover a wide variety of styles and are performed by an increasingly diverse pool of musicians. Our partner, Philharmonia Orchestra also offer Orchestra Unwrapped each year.
  • Performance opportunities with professionals/in professional venues – When planning our calendar of large-scale events we aim to offer experiences with a wide range of professional artists and groups such as Cool4School for our Sing On concerts. Authentic experiences are provided through access to community venues that represent our local area such as Bedford Breakthrough at Esquires.