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How we support those most in need

How we support those most in need

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Following the programme of training and CPD through the Count Me In project, we continue to make whole-class provision as inclusive and accessible as possible.

This includes integral routines with classroom teachers to identify SEND students and to ensure the needs of every child are met and that progress can be made by all.

For young people with the most profound and complex needs, we work in partnership with Open Orchestras to develop music provision in our local Special Schools as well as offering some out-of-school progression routes.

To support the progress of SEND students, we are committed to developing our instrument stock which already includes a number of recommended adaptive instruments and sets of iPads with accessible music apps. These resources are used for both whole-class, individual/small group lessons and ensembles.

Low-Income Families

To support low-income families we offer the following remissions policy:

We offer a 50% remission for children who are registered as being in receipt of Pupil Premium and 100% remission for Looked after Children. This covers a 20 minute individual or small group lesson and one regular activity delivered by all Bedford Music Hub partners.

We also offer a low-cost instrument loan scheme to all families which is only £5 per year for children in receipt of Pupil Premium and for Looked after Children.

Through the Bedford Borough Council HAF programme we are also able to offer a number of free activities during the school holidays. This has proved to be an effective way to reach this target group and to introduce them to other regular activities.

At Risk

To meet the needs and aspirations of those most at risk of exclusion and involvement with the youth justice system, we work in partnership with Greys Education Centre offering regular curriculum music as well as a range of relevant, inclusive and accessible music workshops.


Our list of target groups extends to those who are home-educated. Regular weekly provision is offered through our partnership with The Place Programme (Bedford Local Authority funded support service for home educating families)