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How we measure and report on Equity, diversity and inclusion success

How we measure and report on Equity, diversity and inclusion success

We monitor and report on levels of engagement of schools across our area to ensure we are reaching all children and young people. Using national and local data to identify areas of most need helps us to tailor support to individual schools and represent their communities within the cultural diversity of Bedford.

Our hub partnership board is used as a forum to gather feedback on current provision and how this can be further enhanced.

Annual Data Collection

We annually collect and analyse data on participation in out-of-school activities. This provides accurate information on representation amongst particular pupil groups: including ethnicity, gender, SEND, Pupil Premium and Looked After Children. Ongoing monitoring of this data informs and supports progress towards ever-increasing diversity and representation in these activities.

Through our remissions policy, we are able to measure the success of recruitment for instrumental lessons amongst the most financially disadvantaged.

Progress towards our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy – evidenced through both qualitative and quantitative data – is reported regularly through our Hub Strategy Board and in quarterly submissions to Arts Council England.