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How we consult our key stakeholders

We consult our stakeholders via a combination of formal and informal procedures. All of our activities ask for an end of delivery evaluation for both teachers and students. This information is then reported back to our hub partners at our half termly hub meetings. We use this information to inform us how to improve and plan our priorities for development.

We deliver termly network meetings where we communicate with our schools about progress and ask for feedback.

Our Student Forum meets once a half term and consults with students from a wide spectrum of schools within Bedford Borough.

We are constantly in touch with our schools, giving advice about what is best for their individual needs. Our offer to schools is constantly developed in line with their needs.

Website and social media

Our website is integral to how we communicate with all of our stakeholders, giving current information about activities as well as sign up and feedback opportunities to everyone who is involved with us. We continue to try to reach and engage more families from our local community through our social media channels so that we open up the opportunities on offer to an increasingly broader range of children and young people.

If you would like to give us any feedback about what we do please email us at [email protected]